March 1, 2021

Crystals are minerals ranging in color, size, and purpose. They hold the ability to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually when used properly. 

The Master Crystal
Clear Quartz is a transparent stone used for clarity and amplification. Because clear quartz emits high vibrations of healing amplification energy, it’s great for visualization meditation and manifestation. Dispelling any negative energy, Clear Quartz detoxifies your mind and soul. Because of its power, it is known as a guide for the connection of our internal and external worlds. 

The Crown Crystal
The Amethyst is a quartz, ranging from a soft lavender to a deep intense purple. The stone helps bring us into the soothing presence of our spiritual self. Acting as a filter, the Amethyst rids our mind of disturbing and distracting thoughts. Place one underneath your pillow and the soothing and serene frequency of the stone will put you to sleep and you might even get some pleasant dreams. Given the stimulation of the Third Eye Chakra, it allows one to be at peace in the moment. It is no wonder the Amethyst is considered the stone of spirituality and contentment. 

The Stone of Universal Love
Often referred to as the Heart Stone or the Love Magnet is the pink translucent crystal, Rose Quartz. This stone embodies unconditional love, kindness, and tenderness. It allows the release of boundaries and the opening of our hearts. Wearing Rose Quartz around your neck or simply carrying the stone with you aids with self love and serves as a reminder to project compassion to others and yourself. Rose Quartz eases frustration and encourages love in the everyday. 

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