March 1, 2021

Pretty Little Thing- Button-down White Shirt

Oversized. Crispy white. Thick cuffs. Makes any outfit look put together. 

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Hermès Scarf- En Attendant Ulysse shawl 140

Inspired by Eastern European Folklore. Colorful. Equestrian Chic. Classic. Designed by artist Florence Manlik.

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Miu Miu- Sunglasses

Beautiful gold details. Interesting but classic shape. Makes a casual outfit instantly elevated.

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Leonard Koren- Wabi- Sabi, For Artists, Desginers, Poets, and Philosophers

A book on the ancient Japanese philosophical concept, Wabi Wabi. Three words that describe Wabi-Sabi is imperfect, incomplete, impermanent.

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Dior- Skincare Pouch

Perfect handbag pouch for little bits and baubs. Small but fits a quite a lot. A happy bright color.

Personalized Candle- Sandalwood and Tobacco

 Smells Divine. Love anything monogramed. Handmade.

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Tiffany- Ziegfeld Collect Pearl Bracelet

Elegant. Timeless. Inspired by the 1920s Jazz age. An everyday piece.

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Uma Oils- Ultimate Brightening Face Mask

Instantly enhances dry, dull skin. Sandalwood powder deeply calms and renews skin. Great for all skin types including blemish print and sensitive. 

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Dior- Lip Glow 

Hydrating. Revives natural lip color. Luxurious packaging.

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Grown Alchemist- Intensive Hand Cream

A rich non-greasy cream that instantly sinks into skin. Moisturizing botanical ingredients. Spa scent with Persian rose and argan extract. 

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