About È I Z A T

(translation) honor | verb: regard with great respect

The Brand

ÈIZAT is a comprehensive space focused on inspiring everyone to honor their beings to become the best versions of themselves, with the guide of a well curated edit of the very best in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Our ambition is to promote self-honor and authenticity. We aspire to connect like-minded individuals with a passion for ingenuity and a desire to honor their true selves. We also believe in serving a greater purpose and we ensure that what we promote share the same values we hold as a company for our community. 

The Editor

H.K. Hunce, founder and Chair Creative Director of ÈIZAT, Inc., is a designer and M.Arch Candidate driven to create and inspire the world through her eyes. Being a first generation Sikh-American, has given her a unique perspective through living a balanced dual life. 

Her innate style and aesthetic have inspired many of those around her to discover their own modus operandi. She approaches beauty and life with grace, believing that the natural self is the most beautiful.